Chasing Clouds

March 08, 2016 1 Comment

2.7% of U.S. adults vape. I’m part of the 97.3%. We all see the “We get it. You Vape.” memes and laugh but do we really get it? To some, vaping is harder to understand than Sean Penn becoming an investigative journalist or DJ Khaled’s words of wisdom. To a growing subculture, it makes complete sense.

In 2016, I’m chasing clouds on a mission to understand the vape life, what a PG/VG ratio means and why this is less an activity and more a lifestyle. Why? I’m a marketer. I’m curious. I’m obsessed with pop culture. If I don’t understand things I’ll soon become old and ask people to get off my lawn.

In the coming weeks I’ll tackle the terminology, the tricks, the myths, women in the industry and more. The point, to get people to see through the clouds. There are 2.5 million vapers and counting in the U.S., 3500 shops, an Electronic Cigarette Convention in Los Angeles, and large vape accounts growing every day on Instagram and Snapchat.

Over half of vapers are under 30 and 75% have been doing it for less than a year (Vape
Supremo, 2015). The market has exploded. It’s growing every day much life craft beer and with similar demographics. And there are still 45 million cigarette smokers in the U.S. that could potentially convert. 47% of vapers choose 6mg as their preferred nicotine level, the lowest possible level.

The e-cigarette industry is poised to grow astronomically in the next two years. It’s time to break through the stereotypes, get to the truth and have some fun with it along the way.

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Gavin Workman
Gavin Workman

February 10, 2016

I could not agree with you more, and your introductory paragraph’s ending could possibly be the best analogy I’ve seen to date. I started because of smoking, and now I’m staying because of the flavor, the coil building, the community, and basically, its fun. Very well written, I hope this helps connect non-vapers to what it is and some people’s reason against others. PS: there is a small typo in the fourth paragraph on “life craft beer” *like :D

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