Vapejoose Donation Letter to CASAA

Posted on 07 July 2015

CASSA Team, 
As individuals, we’ve watched and supported CASAA’s efforts to bring the truth about vaping and other tobacco alternatives to lawmakers and the public.  Many poorly designed laws have been revised or eliminated through community calls to action.  New people have their eyes opened to the truth every day, due in no small part to your work.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for all that you’ve done.
As a company that strives to bring a better alternative to the public, we needed to do more.  Through the month of April we set aside a penny for every mL of e-liquid we sold through our website, challenging the community to participate through everyday purchases.  Their response was to purchase 465,395 mL of Vapejoose e-liquid.  As such, included is a check for $4,653.95.  We furnish this not only as an obligation to fulfill our promise, but with great pride that together we can make a difference.  
Many of our customers contacted us to ask how they can donate directly, or to inquire about what CASAA is and what you do.  It has been eye-opening and humbling to see the effect a simple banner and promotion can have, and how positive the response has been.  We will continue to support CASAA by spreading the word, and look forward to finding new ways to help in the future.
Yours in creating a better tomorrow,
The Vapejoose Team



We are honored to be a part of this amazing community.  Without your passion and dedication, vaping would not be where it is today.  To anyone who purchased from us in April or has supported CASAA or other advocacy groups directly, thank you for stepping up and making a difference.

-The Vapejoose Team 

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