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September 01, 2015

Here’s a fun fact about Vapejoose: 25% of the team has served in the US armed forces!  As veterans and vapers, they put their heads together and created our first Vape-A-Vet flavor,The Islander.  Since its launch, 25% of the proceeds have been set aside for the Vape-A-Vet Project, a nonprofit that donates vaping supplies to active and prior veterans. We are excited to send them our first check, but also feel the need to do more.

Starting this month, we will instead be matching bottle for bottle.  If you purchase a 120ml of The Islander, a veteran will receive 120ml of Vapejoose.  The same goes for the 30ml and 10ml sizes.  When you vape The Islander, they vape on us!

Tobacco use has always been prevalent in the military, but vaping is starting to make its mark.  More and more service members are trading their cigarettes for mods, with some US Navy ships even implementing dedicated vaping decks! This is great news not only for their tenure with the military, but also normalising to civilian life.  Veterans are more likely to smoke than those who have never served, which puts a sizeable mark on the total number of smokers.  Vapers tend to enjoy a higher quality of life compared to smokers, due to the lower cost and decrease in health risks.  This is an improvement that our veterans deserve.

The Vape-A-Vet Project was founded by Will Cohen in July 2013.  After making the switch to vaping himself, Will learned his brother had picked up smoking during basic training.  After providing the supplies and knowledge necessary for his brother to make the switch, by the time he returned to base Will’s brother was no longer a smoker! Encouraged by the success, and seeing the need to help military personnel quit smoking, the Vape-A-Vet foundation was born.

If you want to help, they accept donations in the form of juice, current generation hardware, and cash.  You can also can support them by purchasing theirBottle Ready to Vape line (BRV) or by addingThe Islander to your next Vapejoose order.

Be sure to check them out

-The Vapejoose Team

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