August 8 - What it means for vaping!

Posted on 02 August 2016

August 8th is quickly approaching - here’s how it will affect you!

As most of you are already aware, effective August 8, 2016 the FDA’s deeming regulations go into effect. These regulations put many stipulations on the vaping industry and will affect the way we have to conduct business.

Market Freeze - Over the last few years lots of great technology has been released to make vaping easier and more convenient for millions of vapers. As of August 8th consumers will be required to purchase products released prior toAugust 8th. This will end innovation in the vaping industry, we will no longer see new hardware or new e-liquid flavors being introduced. will continue to partner with existing nationally distributed e-liquid companies to bring you the greatest flavors at the best available prices on the market, however we will no longer be able to release our own new flavors.

Age VerificationPlease see our updated blog post about Age Verification.

Custom Bottles - Due to the requirements not to release new products afterAugust 8, will be forced to remove the “Build A Bottle” option from our website. After offering these services for nearly two years we are very sad to announce this. However, all flavor concentrate options available in Build A Bottle are now available in the 10 mL bottles on the DIY Vape Supplies page.

Samples - All free sampling is required to stop. This means that vape stores must charge you to sample flavors in-store. If you are a local customer in Grand Rapids, MI you will have to pay $1.00 to sample, which will be donated each month to the Right 2 Be Smoke Free Coalition to help fight back against these regulations. If you purchase Vapejoose from one of our 300 affiliate stores across the US they will each have their own policies, please call your local vape store to find out what their policy will be.

Contests - It will now be illegal for vape companies to reward customers with free e-liquid, vaping hardware, or accessories as these will all be considered “Tobacco Products”. This means we will have to put an end to contests for free e-liquid until the laws are changed or further clarification is provided.

Rewards - It will now be illegal for vape companies to allow customers to redeem reward points or “VapeCash” for free e-liquid or vaping products. Due to the stringent regulations will be ending our loyalty reward program effective August 8, 2016 at 12:00am EST. If you have reward points to redeem you MUST redeem them prior to August 8.

Modifying Hardware & Coil Building - Effective August 8, building a coil, re-wicking a coil, replacing a drop-in coil, or updating or modifying a mod’s software or firmware for someone other than yourself will now make that individual a “Tobacco Manufacturer” and each product created must go through the million dollar PMTA process. This means that vape stores will no longer be able to build coils for you. will continue to sell drop-in coils, rolls of wire, and cotton. We will be adding pre-built coils from Coil Master in the near future, as well as offering coil building classes each Saturday in our Grand Rapids store to promote safe building techniques. Unfortunately this law still prevents us from helping you even if you are handicapped an unable to do these things your self. To help you can sign the petition at to require the FDA to make these regulations ADA compliant.

Thank you for your support over the last few years, we hope that we will be able to continue to offer the same great service with the same great products for years to come. We will continue to do our part to raise awareness and advocate for the vaping industry and we ask that you do the same. If you are not already a CASAA member please sign up today at it is free to join and will be able to provide you with the latest calls to action and updates in the industry. If you are store owner I would encourage you to join SFATA to see how your business can contribute. If you frequent brick and mortar vape shops, encourage them to support vaping advocacy. A shop that does not support your right to vape does not deserve your business.

Stephen Knight

President & CEO

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  • Ryan A.: August 09, 2016

    Does the FDA regulations say anything about private party, person to person buying/selling/trading of Vaping products? Is it now illegal to sell my mod or trade my mod with a friend?

  • Cody: August 07, 2016

    That is so irritating. We were doing just fine without any rules or regulations. Hopefully this doesn’t put company’s out of business!

  • Dominic Vanhorn : August 03, 2016

    Just got my first order from vapejoose. And for the low pricing and great flavor I got from the strawberry banana and strawberries and cream . I had to order more new flavors so whatever happens with this FDA BS im gonna continue ordering and trying new flavors as muchand long as I can . . oH aand P.S please make a strawberry milkshake type of flavor if your ALLOWED! Only God knows the FDA won’t let you make anything new. Guess we’ll find out soon. Thanks for the primo juice bro!!

  • Susan: August 03, 2016

    Also, no setting up new gear for new vapers.

  • Ross: August 03, 2016

    Thanks for the clarification! Hopefully the deeming regs will be struck down as unconstitutional and the industry, with a few needed modifications, will ciontinue to thrive and fluorish.

    Much luck and fortune to Vapejoose in the months to come!

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