July 01, 2016

This holiday weekend celebrate with Vapejoose where the Joose isSPARKLING with flavor, made and delivered in aFLASH, and gives you the biggestBANG for your buck!

Enough with the puns, let's get serious..

August 8th is coming! If you don't know what this date means then I have some bad news for you. Due to the FDA's deeming regulations August 8 marks the end of innovation in the vaping industry. No new vapor products are allowed to enter the US market after this date, this includes new hardware and e-liquid.

How will Vapejoose.com be effected after this date?

We will no longer be able to produce new flavors of e-liquid. Instead we will be partnering with our friends in the e-liquid industry to make sure we can provide you with the newest & tastiest products on the market. We have been searching the country for the best e-liquid brands and we will begin rolling these new brands out over the next few months. Stay tuned for great new premium lines from manufacturers all over the USA!

We will also have to discontinue the "Build A Bottle" feature. Unfortunately there is no way to get around this as each flavor combination essentially becomes a "New Tobacco Product" under the FDA's deeming regulations and will not be allowed to enter the market after August 8.

How can you help?

If the FDA's deeming regulations go through without modification up to 95% of vapor products will be forced off the market in two years! If you like vaping and want to continue to be smoke-free then visit www.casaa.org and become a member! There are several links to email your congressmen, and senators to share your vaping story and tell them to support both HR 2058 and the Cole-Bishop Amendment. These bills could help save the vaping industry!

Join CASAA today and help save the vaping industry!

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