WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Important Announcement From Vapejoose Premium Vape Supply

April 16, 2018

Dear Friends & Family,

Vapejoose Premium Vape Supplywas started with the idea that you should be able to have vape juice customized to your desires and delivered fresh to your door at an affordable price. When I first started I was proud to get orders shipped out same or next day, but as we grew our customer base and our sales became more and more successful our made-to-order model has led to long delays in the lab and shipping departments and has let down our customers on several occasions with turnaround times exceeding our standard 2-3 days.

As part of our commitment to you we have made 2018’s focus on maintaining low prices, increasing quality control standards, and shipping all orders within 24 hours! As a result of this initiative we’ve implemented many new internal workflows and practices to speed up production and shipping times and have moved from a single shift in the lab and shipping 5 days a week, to 2 shifts 7 days a week! With these changes in effect we’ve been able to consistently reduce our standard 2-3 day turnaround to less than a 24 hour turnaround on 98% of all outbound orders.

If you’ve experienced a longer than normal shipping time in the past, or just wished that your product could have arrived faster, I encourage you to put us to the test again and experience the Vapejoose difference!


Stephen Knight
Vapejoose CEO

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