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March 04, 2021

Dear Friends & Family,

The mail order vape industry as we know it is coming to an end. Due to a recent change in legislation that was snuck into the latest Covid-19 relief bill,Vapejoose will no longer be able to deliver vape mail through the USPS after March 27th, 2021. FedEx and UPS have already followed suit stating they will no longer deliver vape mail directly to consumers.

In order to ship directly to consumers a manufacturer/distributor now must:

  • Register with the ATF and Attorney General’s office
  • Register with each state’s tax revenue department and collect and pay excise sales tax where applicable
  • File monthly reports to the ATF/Attorney General/Tax Departments including a complete list of items sold to each customer within their state.

On top of these major hurdles and mountains of paperwork, vape distributors would also have to find a network of private couriers willing to accept the liability of delivering vape mail, and do so in accordance with all of the new legislation. For Vapejoose as well as thousands of other small vape businesses across the United States this is the largest hurdle of all, andessentially puts a full-stop on vape delivery.

Businesses found to be shipping products after the deadline without proper registrations aresubject to severe penalties up to including fines and possible jail time.

Over the past 7 years Vapejoose has shipped millions of bottles of e-liquid to over 200,000 customers in over 200 countries. We have endured flavor bans, ever-changing FDA regulations, PMTA registrations, and now these are the latest blows we must endure. We hope that these laws can be reversed, or amended, to allow vape mail to continue, but at this time it is not likely to happen before the deadline to stop shipping vape mail.

Vapejoose is NOT going anywhere! We will still be producing all of our e-liquid products, and continuing to operate our retail locations in West Michigan. 

With all this being said, we encourage all of our customers (wholesalers and consumers) to take the time now toSTOCK UP on e-liquid as much as possible now. We believe that we will still be allowed to ship internationally and to APO/FPO military addresses and expect to have clarification on this soon.

We expect a LARGE increase in order volume over the next 20 days, so place your orders early to prevent delays. We will no longer accept orders within the USA after March 24th, 2021. After this your only option will be to visit an Authorized Vapejoose retail location. Please keep an eye on your inbox as this date gets closer for more information.


Stephen Knight

President & CEO

Vapejoose, Inc.

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