WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

PRESIDENTIAL ALERT - Exciting Announcement from the President & CEO

October 09, 2018

Dear Vapejoose Family,

Vapejoose started out as a truly “Build Your Own Joose” experience. We originally offered nearly 90 flavors in the Vapejoose line and allowed you to completely customize each bottle. As FDA regulations have become more strict we’ve been forced to remove certain features from our website such as “Flavor Shots” and “Menthol Shots” as well as certain flavors and PG/VG/Nicotine combinations.

Since 2014 nearly every bottle of Vapejoose was made-to-order until we released 25 of our most popular flavors in our “Vapejoose Pre-Steeped” line. The Pre-Steeped line has been a huge success and has helped us achieve faster ship times (now 98% of all orders ship in 24 hours or less) and fewer customer complaints regarding unsteeped juice or delayed shipping times.

In order to better serve our customers and to prepare for future FDA guidelines and regulations we’ve decided the time has come to fully switch away from Made-To-Order Vapejoose. This summer our lab has been working to produce all 75 flavors of Vapejoose in large batches so we can stock every bottle on our shelves.

We expect this to mean that even more orders will be shipped SAME day and every bottle you receive will be pre-steeped and stamped with a born-on date. Additionally in order to protect our customers each bottle is stamped with a batch tracking code and we will be able to trace each bottle in the rare event we ever have a problem with a batch and need to perform a recall (fortunately, this has never had to happen).

Here is an overview of the changes effective today:

Vapejoose Pre-Steeped - This line of 25 best-sellers is now going to be called “Vapejoose Max VG” and will be the only flavors to have a Max VG (80%+) option. We have not removed any flavors or variants from this line.

Vapejoose High Nicotine - Our high nicotine line of 12 Vapejoose flavors has not changed. It is still available in 30 mL bottles with 30% VG and offered in 24, 36 and 48 mg.

Vapejoose Made-To-Order - This line is now simply called “Vapejoose” and will still include all 75 flavors of Vapejoose. 30 mL bottles will only be mixed with 50% VG and are available in 0, 3, 6, 12, and 24 mg options. 60 mL bottles will only be mixed with 70% VG and are only available in 0, 3, 6 and 12 mg options.

120 mL Bottles - Although we’ve decided not to batch and store 120 mL bottles of Vapejoose we still have over 4,000 empty 120 mL bottles in stock. These will be listed online as a “120 mL Vapejoose Special” and sell for $19.99 until these bottles are sold out and will still be made-to-order (unsteeped).

Build Your Own 5 Pack - The “Build Your Own 5 Pack” product will no longer exist. This was a very popular item over the last four years, and I know many will be sad to see it go. Unfortunately, at this time we do not have an effective way of doing this with inventoried product. Instead, the website will automatically apply a 10% e-liquid discount when you add 5 or more bottles of e-liquid (Vapejoose Brand Only) to your cart or 15% e-liquid discount when you add 10 or more bottles of e-liquid (Vapejoose Brand Only).

Additionally, I wanted to announce that today we are launching a new look on our website! Your login information and order history will not be affected. The biggest change you’ll notice (besides the eye-catching style) is that you’ll find all Vapejoose Variants under one product instead of having different products for Vapejoose High Nicotine, Vapejoose, and Vapejoose Max VG. We hope this makes ordering easier for you and we hope you like the new look!

Thank you for all of your support and we look forward to serving you for many years to come! If you have any questions about these changes please contact support by emailing support@vapejoose.com, chatting with our of our live chat representatives, or ask your question in our Vapejoose Friends and Family Group on Facebook.


Stephen Knight

Founder and President

Vapejoose, Inc.

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