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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Usonicig Rhythm Review —The First Ultra-Sonic Vaporizer

August 10, 2018

Usonicig Rhythm Review

The First Ultra-Sonic Vaporizer

The Usonicig Rhythm is an ultrasonic pod-based device. This device works on the principle of ultra-high frequency ceramic vibration. At 2.4 million hits per second, the e-liquid surface tension is reduced, and as a result the e-liquid’s molecular bonds are scattered causing a clean and smooth vapor to be formed. This process is known ascavitation.

When this product first arrived in the warehouse I was compelled to try it. If you have been around the ever-changing vape hardware as long as I have, when new tech is released you’re both skeptical and excited.

Upon opening the box, you’ll find the usual suspects, replacement parts and USB charging cable, but once inside you find this very different but familiar mod. This device has a nice weight to it and does not look or feel cheap. Setup was extremely simple. Place pod cartridge in the mod, twist the drip tip, and fill. The firing button/trigger on this device is very responsive, offering a lever style trigger rather than the standard button style. The first hit was slow, the ramp up time on this device is a few seconds, but after a nice large and long lung inhale, I was exhaling very dense vapor. The Vapor is relatively cool even after several consecutive vapes.  

Usonicig is dedicated to research and development in vaping equipment. They have made a big breakthrough in the new and revolutionary ultrasonic vaporizers, which will ultimately bring a new experience to the vaping industry. Be on the lookout for new products from them as they continue to produce more of these unique devices.

Overall, I would recommend this device to anyone looking for a high nicotine/pod device. It works well, feels durable, and the operation is extremely easy. You can find theUsonicig Rythmat Vapejoose. Grab yours today and experience this revolutionary device!

Kory Voodre

Sales Director

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