Vapejoose Quality Control Practices

August 24, 2018 1 Comment

The FDA doesn’t have standards for how e-juice should (or shouldn’t) be made. It’s up to each lab to figure out how to make vape juice, what to focus on, and what quality assurance means. Let’s talk about the Vapejoose Production Laboratory and what we do to ensure our customers get the best product.

“I don’t care how fast you do it, I care that it’s done right. What we make goes into people’s lungs”

This is the first part of training for any lab technician. Quality starts with a mindset long before it becomes a rulebook. We have standards instead of quotas and quality checks every step of the way. The lab is the beating heart of Vapejoose and upholds three standards: Cleanliness, Accuracy and Consistency.


Cleanliness starts with the workspace. Vapejoose e-liquid is mixed in an ISO 6 certified cleanroom on stainless steel tables. Anything entering the cleanroom is sanitized and inspected beforehand. Lab technicians wear gloves and other PPE to keep everything clean, and all surfaces are sanitized at least daily. Every aspect of the mixing process is designed to ensure we make the purest vape juice possible.


All mixing in the Vapejoose lab is done gravimetrically (by weight), which provides more accuracy than using syringes or glassware. Two senior lab techs perform the mixing process, double checking each step and carefully documenting the process. As it leaves the lab each bottle is inspected for proper fill levels, proper labeling and secure capping. At least three quality checkers approve each bottle before it’s shipped out.


Each batch of flavoring is inspected and approved by experienced lab technicians before use in mixing. PG, VG and nicotine go through a similar process, and certificates of analysis (CoAs) are verified and kept on file.

We also have a vape QC process, where we put our juice to the ultimate test - how does it vape? While we can’t do this on made-to-order Vapejoose, as each bottle is custom made for the customer, all other liquid we sell has been vaped and approved by 2 seasoned tasters. They must be 100% certain the mix is perfect; if not, we start over from scratch.

Looking Forward

Vapejoose prides itself on making products with consistently high quality, but we don’t believe in “perfect” and are always looking to improve. Right now we’re working on switching to better bottles and a way to add vape testing to the core Vapejoose line. If you’re ever unhappy with your vape juice, please contactcustomer service and let us know how we can do better!

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