Vapejoose Retail Store

September 17, 2018

Vapejoose Retail Store, Wyoming, MI

In 2014, Vapejoose began as an online retailer of made-to-order e-liquid. Beginning as a one man operation, over the next 8 months Vapejoose steadily grew in sales and staff. We signed our first lease for manufacturing space in October 2014 to better facilitate our growth and continue to improve our service to our online customers. Over the following year, Vapejoose grew out of 2 more buildings and happily settled on a building that could not only house our manufacturing and shipping operations, but also had a space for a retail store.

At the time, brick and mortar retail to us was very new. We had a large online customer base that we interacted with as best as we could, but we were ready to build our local customer base and see our customers face to face! With a management team who had many years of experience running retail operations, we were confident we could turn it into a success.

Vapejoose Retail opened its doors in October 2015, and hasn’t looked back since. Vapejoose Retail is run with 3 basic principles: Outstanding Customer Service, Competitive Pricing, and Staying In-Stock. By treating our customers like family every time they come in, we create long lasting relationships that go well beyond the consumer-retailer dynamic. Many of our amazing team members have started out as customers, including our current Retail Manager. This fostering of relationships, as well as providing products and services at reasonable prices to our customers, has led to substantial growth of our retail store over the past 3 years. As of now, Vapejoose Retail serves over 2000 happy customers every month! We look forward to continuing to provide the best vape shop experience in the world, and helping people complete their goal of switching to vaping.

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