Vaptio Super Bat 220W TC

August 27, 2018

The Super Bat is one of the newest box mods from Vaptio. This device is a dual 18650 mod that is capable of 220 watts. The Super Bat has a familiar flip style battery door on the bottom, and a side-fire trigger.  The mod has a gold plated, spring loaded 510 connection and LEDs on the front and back. Above the front screen is a “ Batman Esque” looking face with LEDs for Eyes. The LEDs have several options as far as colors and modes. The colors available are red, yellow, blue, purple, green, and white.  The modes for the LEDs are “breathing”, “always on”, “multicolor”, “puff change”, “puff on”, and “LED off”. This allows for a customizable look, matching the LED colors with your tank or RDA on top.

The Vaptio Super Bat has several settings for different styles of vaping. It has a temperature control mode and has presets for stainless steel, nickel, titanium, and nichrome wire. While using temperature control mode there are also 3 memory settings allowing you to save your settings. This device comes equipped with “smart mode”, with four settings: “soft”, “normal”, “high”, and “auto”. In smart mode, the device detects the resistance of the atomizer that you’re using,  and automatically adjusts the wattage accordingly. In addition to smart mode and temperature control mode, there are three other modes:

CCW Mode - allows you to set apower curve,

CCT Mode - allows you to set power curves for temperature control mode, andBypass Mode - allows you to vape directly off of the batteries and removes all safety features, essentially turning the device into a mechanical style mod

I have been using the Vaptio Super Bat for roughly a week. Comparing it to similar 220w mods on the market, I think this device feels durable and has a nice weight to it.  I've been extremely happy with the battery life when using the smart mode.

Having used several different tanks and rdas on this device, the smart mode has worked flawlessly.  If you’re in the market for a dual 18650 device that feels great in the hand, for the price, this device has a great value! Grab yours today

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