WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

10 Piece OFRF nexMESH A1 0.13Ohm Mesh Strip

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OFRF nexMESH A1 0.13Ω Coils 10pk

P R O F I L E   R D A   -   P R O F I L E   U N I T Y   R T A   -   P R O F I L E   M   R T A

The OFRF nexMESH coils outsmart regular coils when it comes to flavor production. Intricate micro-weave netting offers a greater surface area and produces a better flavor experience due to even heat distribution. The nexMESH A1 coils are made of Kanthal material with a built-in resistance of 0.13Ω. The coil measures 16mm by 6.8mm and can be placed easily onto the deck. For the best performance, set the wattage level between 60W and 70W for the ultimate performance. The nexMESH A1 coil has round shaped holes with plenty of surface area.

nexMESH A1

Triple Density Meshing

Vigorous & Intense Performance

Material: A1

Resistance: 0.13Ω

Power Range: 60W-70W

FLAVOR CHASING TO THE NEXT LEVEL - The coil produces a flavor of the highest quality. A large surface allows it to heat faster and distribute the heat quickly resulting in top-notch flavor production. 

BETTER LONGEVITY - The large surface helps the coil heat faster and spreads the heat evenly as it reduces the coil build-up and gunk even while using high VG juices. Thus, it has a longer lifespan compared to other coils. With proper maintenance a mesh coil can last up to a month.

Sold 10 pieces per pack.