WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Build Your Own 5 Pack - High Nicotine

Build Your Own 5 Pack - High Nicotine - Premium E-Liquid

Build your own five pack and save! Choose your flavors nicotine and flavors from the dropdown menus. 

This e-liquid ships in 30 mL plastic bottles in convenient no-hassle packaging! Our plastic bottles provide convenient pouring into tanks and drippers (RDAs), they also fit conveniently into your pocket unlike glass bottles. 

All bottles in a Build Your Own Five Pack must be ordered with the same nicotine and VG%, no exceptions. 

Product Details

Vapejoose takes pride in creating a memorable vaping experience with every bottle! Our detail oriented staff takes pride in consistently creating e-liquid that exceeds expectations. Made-to-order in an ISO 6 Certified Clean Room, each bottle is artfully blended with the highest quality ingredients available. Learn more About Vapejoose.


  • USP certified VG
  • USP certified PG
  • USP certified, GC/MS verified nicotine
  • FDA food grade certified flavorings

Nicotine Salts

All products produced by Vapejoose now utilize Nicotine Salts (a.k.a. nic salts) in the manufacturing process. Nic salts are a form of nicotine naturally found in tobacco leaves. They have nothing to do with table salt nor do they produce a salty taste. E-liquids made with nicotine salts tend to have a lower pH and be less harsh on the throat. To learn more about Nicotine Salts read our blog post, What Are Nicotine Salts?

Steeping Instructions

This bottle of Vapejoose is made-to-order and may benefit from steeping. Upon receipt of your freshly made Vapejoose, we recommend giving it a good shake and allowing it to sit for 4-7 days before vaping. Certain flavors, specifically desserts and creamy flavors, may require more time to fully steep. Although Steeping is not required, it will allow the flavors to present themselves more clearly. The ideal steep time varies based on flavor, VG level and personal preference. Vapejoose is always safe to vape right away, and some flavors may be fully-steeped by the time you receive it. If you notice the flavor is muted or you cannot taste all the flavor notes you are expecting, please seal the bottle and allow it a little more time to steep.

If you do not want to wait for your Vapejoose to steep please explore our Vapejoose Pre-Steeped Offerings. We've selected our top-selling flavors and made them available in 0, 3 and 6 mg nicotine options. Our pre-steeped bottles are all batch-made allowing the highest level of consistency and quality. The batches are then sent to steep in the Vapejoose Steeping Vault for a minimum of 14 days. Before bottling, each batch is sent to our Quality Assurance team where they personally taste-teste and vape-teste each batch before it leaves the lab.

The Vapejoose Guarantee

Buying e-liquid online is difficult without being able to taste the flavor, and reviews aren't always enough to know if it will be compatible with your palette. If you are simply not satisfied with the flavor of any Vapejoose brand e-liquid send it back to us at least 75% full and we will replace it with another Vapejoose brand e-liquid. In order to keep our costs as low as possible we do ask that customers pay for return postage to send back flavor replacement bottles.

If you ever suspect a defect in quality, purity, or flavor please let us know immediately by contacting support@vapejoose.com or calling 844-MY-JOOSE. If the problem is our fault we will remedy the situation quickly and painlessly. We will pay for return shipping if the fault is on our end.

Hardware may be returned within 14 days from order receipt as long as it is in new and unused condition. If hardware has been used and there is a technical fault, you will have to contact the manufacturer regarding their manufacturer warranty. Customer is responsible for return postage. If you received the wrong hardware, or incorrect variant, please contact us to resolve the issue.

Coils and other consumable items may not be returned. If your consumables are not working properly, taste burnt, fail to produce vapor, or if you have questions about your coils or consumables please contact our support team or visit your local Vapejoose Store with questions.